Benefits of
music education

  • confidence
  • self discipline
  • creativity
  • stress relief
  • cooperation
  • higher test scores
  • active listening
  • math proficiency
  • increased retention
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About our

Music in your home!

USA Music School is here to provide you with quality music lessons in your home.

Our teachers are local to you, generally no more than 15 minutes from your home. As professional musicians, they are part of your community, and with their knowledge and talent, help bring that music community to you.

Our Philosophy

USA Music School was founded with the vision of providing music lessons for everyone - busy families, home schoolers, children and adults, in a way that accommodates the realities of life.

Our Mission

To provide in home music lessons of the highest quality and convenience at an affordable price.

Our Programs

Always tailored to suit your needs, our programs are designed to accommodate individuals, adults, special needs students, families with multiple children and anyone else willing to give learning music a try.